Toilet Of The Week (26)

Courtesy of the indispensable journal, Nature Biomedical Engineering, I learned the other day of a smart toilet designed by scientists at Stanford University which offers a “long-term analysis of the user’s excreta through data collection and models of human health”.

A scanner looks at your backside to identify you – apparently everybody’s sphincter is different, a fact I am prepared to take on trust – and then a pressure sensor times how long you sit on the throne and the time it takes you to do your business. Another sensor then measures the breadth and force of your urine flow and a colour detector checks the shape, colour and nature of any solids. Unfortunately, it doesn’t wipe your bottom.

Sanjiv Ghambir, the lead scientist, claims that as everyone has to go to the toilet, this carsey has a vital role to play as a disease-detecting device.       

I can’t see it being a best seller but the concept is now well and truly out of the can.

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