Poet’s Corner

Apparently, today is Great Poetry Reading Day, so here is a post celebrating poetry, which, surprisingly, can be an area of some controversy.

I remember hosting a literary event where one of the participants, a free-form, stream of consciousness sort of poet, was rounded upon by an elderly woman who complained bitterly that poetry was all about the poet and not about the wonders of the world. A lively discussion ensued with both sides agreeing to disagree.

It is fair to say that some forms of modern poetry have succeeded in freeing themselves from the constraints of iambs, dactyls and trochees, never mind pentameters and hexameters. And no bad thing too. What the poems may lack in formal structure, they more than make up for the in the intensity of feeling, directness, emotion and imagery.

A young American poet, Mal Young, whose burgeoning literary career I’m following with interest, has just had three of her poems, Two chambered, Think of you who wants and Corona borealis, published in the latest edition of Elderly magazine, a bi-coastal magazine featuring the works of rad poets. Click the link https://www.elderlymag.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/2019.04.13-Elderly-31.pdf to see the magazine.

It is well worth a look.


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