House Of The Week

With the nation busily clearing out clutter from their rooms and lofts, we will all be living a minimalist lifestyle for years to come.

If you are thinking of downsizing, as you do not need now to accommodate your stock of a lifetime’s worth of accumulated impedimenta, or you are thinking of taking your first tentative step on to the ploperty ladder, a German company, KOOP, have come up with an affordable, if compact, solution to the affordable housing.

Priced at £40,000, meaning that you don’t have to be flushed with cash, and boasting a footprint of between 60 and 75 square metres, into which are fitted a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen-cum-diner, it is coated externally with Kebony, a softwood treated to give it the properties of a tropical hardwood. This means that it is basically maintenance-free and can cope with whatever the climate chooses to throw at it. It’s also mobile so you can move it wherever you want or use it as a holiday home.

The treatment of Kebony involves heating it with furfuryl alcohol, an agricultural by-product of processing waste biomass, principally animal dung.

Not a dump then nor something to be sniffed at.

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