Covid-19 Good News Story Of The Week (4)

A Swedish couple have come up with an innovative idea that may reveal the future of dining in a post Covid-19 world.

Linda Karlsson and Rasmus Persson are opening next Sunday, May 10th, a one-table, one-person restaurant, Bord főr En, in the middle of a field in the county of Värmland. The menu will consist of three courses of vegetarian fare, a Swedish-style hash brown as a starter, sweet corn croquettes and serpent root ash as a main and a blueberry, iced buttermilk and viola sugar concoction as a dessert, all washed down with a carefully selected range of drinks, non-alcoholic, of course.

There will be no table service and your food will be delivered to you by a basket attached to a rope running from their kitchen window. There will be no social interaction, the guest, who can choose whether to dine in the morning or for lunch or dinner, will be given instructions on how to proceed from the local bus stop. Despite there only being one diner a day, the couple will wait six hours before sanitising the furniture and all the dishes will be washed twice.

And the cost of this experience? Whatever you can afford, the couple say. They are not in it to make any money, just to provide the ideal dining experience without distraction, just you and your food.

I wish them well. It is just a pity there is no meat.

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