Fart Of The Week (6)

Trying to evade the long arms of the law is fraught with difficulties at the best of times but doing it in the middle of an attack of flatulence is a recipe for disaster.

A 35-year-old-man had the police on his scent after he failed to appear in court. He ran into some woodlands near Haworth in Nottinghamshire and hid behind some bushes. After an initial search, officers from Nottinghamshire Police were going to give up until, according to their report, they heard a noise “believed to be the sound of someone breaking wind”.

Following the sound and, presumably, the scent, the police found their man and effected their arrest. One of the officers commented, “I was almost out of wind running but luckily [the suspect] still had some”.

Lay off the baked beans would seem to be the moral of the story.

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