Face Mask Of The Week

I’m not sure about face masks, but I do carry one around with me in my pocket in case my mysophobia gets to a level where I feel I must wear one.  As someone who wears glasses and likes to breathe, failure to breathe seems to be the common denominator amongst all dead people, I find that when I wear one my spectacles mist up. My other problem with them is that you can’t pop something into your mouth and if out pubs ever reopened again, how would you wear one and consume your drink?

Help may be at hand, courtesy of Ellen Macomber, an enterprising artist from New Orleans. Concerned that the coverings may get in the way of activities that the wearers may want to do, like drinking, she has come up with a nifty range that feature a hole just large enough to fit a straw to enable the wearer to sip a cocktail. Retailing at $30 each, they are not cheap, but they may just prove a hit.

Ellen has warned potential purchasers that they are not the best protection against the Covid-19 virus because of the obvious hole in their armoury.

Still, for every problem there is at least one solution.

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