Covid-19 Tales (5)

One of the (many) challenges as we put our first tentative steps forward into the new normal is how to enforce physical distancing. Pubs, for instance, could easily achieve it by selling drinks in yard glasses, those long tall glasses with a bulb at the bottom and an ever-widening shaft. Not only do they hold about 2.5 pints of beer, but they are a yard long. May be a bit messy at first but it should work.

A cobbler from the Romanian city of Cluj, Grigore Lup, has tackled the problem from a different angle. He has come up with a design for a pair of long-nosed leather shoes, which are a size 75 and are about 75 centimetres long. It takes him two days and almost a square metre of leather to make the shoes which retail at 500 lei or around £100.

Assuming you really can walk in them, they should do the trick.

Out of adversity comes opportunity and innovation.

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