Fruits Of The Week (4)

Our old friend, the durian fruit, has been at it again.

The noxious smell emanating from a parcel in a post office in the Bavarian town of Schweinfurt was such that the police and fire brigade were called to the scene. They promptly evacuated the 60 workers from the premises, fearing that the package contained some toxic chemical, but not before 12 of the workers had been treated for nausea, six of whom required hospital treatment.

Bravely, the officers tackled the package, to find on opening it that it contained four durian fruit, thoughtfully sent to a resident by a friend in Nuremberg. With friends like that,…

The fruit is popular amongst the Chinese community and is a big earner for Thailand, where in 2018 600,000 tonnes of the fruit were grown, mostly for export. I wonder why. There are around 200 cultivars of the fruit and it is mainly eaten on its own, probably by someone sitting on their own, or with sticky rice. Those in the know say it is delicious.

Just don’t order some to be delivered by mail, though.

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