Sheep Of The Week (2)

In what I hope is not a case of mutton dressed up as lamb, a sheep has just been sold at auction for a staggering £367,500 at auction. The Pedigree Texel ram lamb, called Double Diamond, was the subject of a fiercely contested auction at Scottish National Texel Sale in Lanark, with bidding starting at an insulting £10,000 but soon rocketing to set a record for the most expensive sheep.

So, what are the buyers getting for their money? According to one of the buyers, and you would hope he knows, “he’s a massive lamb with great confirmation and character, some of which is what breeding is all about. But with the pedigree you start looking at the smaller details of the lamb – you look at his head, the hair colour, the colour around his eyes, legs, he was just perfect in every way”.

It seems a complicated business. What I want to know is; what’s the sell by date and what does it taste like?

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