Museum Of The Week (2)

People will go to extraordinary lengths to make an alcoholic drink out of anything they can get their hands on. The Disgusting Food Museum in Malmo is hosting an exhibition of some stomach-churning concoctions in an attempt, so they say, to get people to re-examine their relationship with alcohol. Mmm, perhaps it is just to get a reaction.

Anyway, amongst the delights on display are a spit-fermented cornmeal beer from Peru, a gin from Uganda made from fermented bananas and a drink used for medicinal purposes in Korea in days of yore, fermented from rice and the faeces of children. Britain is represented by a fearsome brew from Scotland which is served from the mouth of a stuffed squirrel.

My particular favourite is a beer from Iceland made from that winning combination of ingredients; whale testicle smoked in sheep’s dung. It would also be fun swilling a wine fermented in a prison toilet and trying to work out what flavours, tones, and textures can be detected.

In these days of physical distancing, with exhibits like these, this museum may have cracked the problem.

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