Voter Of The Week

I’m still old-fashioned enough to think that my voting intentions are something between me, the ballot box and the odd cyber snooper, but some like to do their civic duty wearing their colours firmly fixed to their chest.

A woman arrived at the Talbot Gymnasium in Exeter Town with the intention of voting in the New Hampshire primaries, wearing a top with the slogan “McCain hero/ Trump zero” on it. Whilst it mangled the English language, you could easily get its drift. The moderator, Paul Scafidi, sidled up to her and told her that her top was in breach of state laws which prohibit persons attending a polling place from distributing, wearing, or posting any campaign material.

The woman pointed to a woman wearing a top with the American flag emblazoned on, only to be told by Scaldini that it was not electioneering, but a show of patriotism. A moot point, m’lord, methinks.

She then informed Scafidi that she wasn’t wearing a bra and asked whether he wanted her to remove the offending article. Almost before he had got the words, “I would rather you didn’t” out of his mouth, she had whipped off her top. Recognising defeat and humiliation staring him in the face, the harassed official let her proceed to the polling booth and vote topless.

A win for democracy and self-expression!

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