Museum Of The Week (3)

This week’s moral poser is: just how do you dress when you visit a museum?

A French literature student by the name of Jeanne recently decided to visit the Musée d’Orsay in Paris to gaze upon its impressive collection of Impressionist art, peppered with the occasional nude. She was refused entry because some jobsworths took a dim view of her low-cut dress, which they deemed to be “not acceptable”.

Never thinking that her “cleavage would be any subject of disagreement” and feeling that the incident “had reduced her identity to her breasts and sexualised her as a woman”, she nevertheless complied with the officials’ request to cover up by donning a jacket. Her chagrin was increased when she noticed other visitors were wearing halter tops and other revealing clothes. The only difference seemed to be that her breasts were considerably larger.

The museum has since apologised to Jeanne, but the incident has set me thinking. I will wear a dinner jacket and bow tie next time I visit a museum.

You just can’t be too careful!

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