Erection Of The Week (2)

Art comes in all forms and shapes and sizes and one of its primary goals is to make you stop and think and possibly even to shock. Jamie Gagne certainly achieved all that when he erected a 2.1-metre tall “anatomically correct” statue of a penis in his front garden in Wilton, New York state in June.

It was an act of protest, Gagne claims, resulting from the Council’s unwillingness to grant him a permit to build a shed outside his home. Art representing nature it may be, but that did not prevent him having his collar felt by the law and appearing before the magistrates charged with displaying offensive sexual material.

Pleading not guilty, Gagne realises he has a fight on his hands to keep it up and has moved it to the rear of his property for the time being.   

If he wins his fight and gets to build his shed, Gagne plans to auction his penis off or rent it out to other disgruntled neighbours who have shown an interest in borrowing it.

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