Airline Food Of The Week

I never considered that you boarded an aeroplane for the prospect of a gastronomic feast. Airline fare was always welcome, for sure, but its quality was never uppermost in my mind when I was considering the merits of buying a Business class ticket over Economy.

The ravages of the pandemic have meant that the number of people flying and the frequency with which they board aeroplanes has plummeted. Whilst this may be a good thing for the Earth’s environment, some people are yearning for that indescribable taste of airline tucker and one airline, Finnair, have stepped in to fill that gap.

In conjunction with the K-Citymarket supermarket chain in Finland, they are launching Taste of Finnair are launching a range of their speciality food options, contemporary Nordic offerings with a touch of Japan. For €12.90 you will have a choice of two main course options to buy daily and, as a special treat, at the weekend there will be an appetiser option to, for just an extra €5.90. The menu will change every two weeks.

To add an air of realism, I hope that they will announce that the option you have chosen is not available and would you mind making do with the other. Now, that’s the airline dining experience I recall.

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