Apostrophe Of The Week

The Apostrophe Protection Society may have thrown in the towel in their attempt to halt the misuse of the apostrophe, but here’s an example when knowing when and when not to use one can make all the difference.

An Indian takeaway restaurant in East London thought it would overhaul its publicity in order to attract more custom and to enhance its presence on on-line food delivery sites. A good idea, at least in theory.    

The name of the gaff is Anu’s Kitchen. In what can only be called a lamentable piece of proofreading, the oh so vital apostrophe was omitted and so the advert proclaimed the virtues of a restaurant known as Anus Kitchen. It was even listed as such on Foodhub, where you can get a 15% discount.

Still, look on the bright side. After the error went viral, they probably got more publicity than they would otherwise have done. Who needs apostrophes anyway?

Shiitake mushrooms anyone?

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