Covid-19 Tales (14)

The Danes, having found a mutant strain of coronavirus in their mink population, arranged a cull of more than 10 million of the creatures. They were then buried in shallow, mass graves at a depth of around one metre.

Unfortunately, in West Jutland the bodies are beginning to surface back on the surface, in a zombie stylee. It seems that as the bodies decompose, gases form and push what remains of the creatures up and out of the ground. To counter the problem, the authorities have been shovelling extra soil on to the graves to increase the depth at which they are buried. The soil in West Jutland, it seems, is sandy and at the original depth forms too light a barrier to prevent the rise of these zombie mutants.

There may be another problem. Scientists fear that some of the mass graves were positioned too near natural water supplies and, consequently, that drinking water has been contaminated.  

Covid-19 seems to be the disease that keeps on giving.

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