Names Of The Week (8)

Hard on the heels of the decision to change the name of the Quebecois town of Asbestos to Val-des-Sources, the 100 or so residents of an Austrian village 350 kilometres west of Vienna have decided to herald the dawn of 2021 with a new name, Fugging.

For a thousand years or so it has been known as Fucking, but the villagers, known as Fuckingers, have grown a little tired of tourists stopping to take advantage of the photo opportunities the signs offer and the ridicule to which they have been subjected. Fugging apparently approximates to the way the locals pronounce the name of the village.

A 6th century Bavarian baron by the name of Focko is said to have founded the settlement and it appears in a map from 1825 as Fuking.

It is not known what the Fuggingers are going to do with all the redundant signs. I would imagine there will be quite a market for them.

And where does the change leave the nearby hamlets of Oberfucking and Unterfucking? Fucked, I guess.  

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