Covid-19 Tales (15)

Being cooped up with loved ones can cause even the strongest of relationships to fray at the edges, it seems.

An unnamed Italian man from Como had an argument with his wife and decided that he should go for a walk to calm down. Seven days and 280 miles later, he had reached the beach resort of Fano on the Adriatic coast.

Current lockdown restrictions in Italy have imposed a curfew between 10pm and 5 am and a routine patrol by the carabinieri found him out and about at 2am and arrested him. Checking on their database they were able to corroborate the man’s story, his wife had reported him missing, but still fined him €400 for breach of curfew restrictions. They did put him up in a hotel, though.

Despite walking forty miles a day, the man claimed that he was “fine, just a little tired” and reported that strangers had given him food and drink along the way.       

Must have been some argument. The couple are reunited and may even be living happily together.

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