Children’s TV Show Of The Week

In my day, children’s TV consisted of little more than fifteen minutes sitting down in front of a small, black and white flickering TV screen, enthralled by the derring-do of Andy Pandy, Bill and Ben and the Woodentops seem aeons ago. This all seems rather tame and a tad innocent when compared with the fare that is aimed at them now. Every now and again a show will emerge that will seek to push the boundaries that little bit further. One such is a new animated show launched by the Danish state broadcasting company, DR.

The central character, John Dillermand, is blessed or cursed with an enormously long penis, so long and extraordinary that he can use it to perform rescue operations, etch murals, hoist a flag, and even steal ice-cream from other children. Aimed at 4 to 8-year-olds it tells the story of a man with the world’s longest penis and the hardships and ordeals that his world-breaking genitals require him to overcome. Subtle the programme is not as Diller is Danish for a penis and mand means man.

Advocates of the show claim that while Dillermand is impulsive, not always in control and makes mistakes, he always makes good the situation his penis has caused in the end. Critics claim that it is just unsuitable for children of that age.

DR have previous in the poor taste stakes. A popular character in one of their shows, Onkel Reje, curses, smokes a pipe and eschews bathing while last year a show entitled Ultra Smider Tojet, translated as Ultra Strips Down, presented a group of 11 to 13-year-olds with a panel of naked adults.

Makes even The Magic Roundabout seem tame. Time for bed.

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