Theft Of The Week (7)

It is remarkably easy to inadvertently make a call on your mobile phone. Often known as handbag calls, the risk is particularly high if you carry your phone in the back pocket of your trousers. The moral of this story is be careful where you store your phone when you are carrying out a burglary.

Staffordshire Police report that a man unwittingly made an emergency call when he sat down and activated his phone in his back pocket when he sat down. Unfortunately for him, he was in the middle of committing a burglary and the emergency call centre were able to hear what he and his accomplice were up to. The burglar hadn’t realised what he had done and the phone was still connected when patrol cars arrived at the scene and felt the collars of him and his colleague.

Unlucky. Next time he will take more care where he stores his phone.

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