Dog Collar Of The Week

I never cease to be amazed by the contraptions that pet owners buy to ensure the wellbeing of their pride and joy. For centuries dog owners have been content to ignore the state of mind of their pooch or use their eyes and nous to determine if something is amiss. For those seeking a bit more rigour in the process Artificial Intelligence and an app is ready to step into the breach.

A South Korean company, Petpuls Lab, has just launched an AI dog collar which marketing director, Andrew Gil, claims “gives a dog a voice so humans can understand”. The collar detects five emotions and through a smartphone app the owner can determine whether their pooch is happy, relaxed, anxious, angry, or sad.

Retailing at $99 the device has been tested, independently, by Seoul National University, who proclaimed that, rather like a Covid vaccine, it is 90% effective.

I wonder if it detects that feeling that you have been ripped off?


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