Robbery Of The Week (5)

Scaling new heights of criminal ineptitude, Leobardo Hernandez from Pomona in California ran off to evade the police after allegedly stealing a car. His luck seemed to be in when he ran into an apartment block and found one of the doors to a flat unlocked and the residents out.

To make it look as though he lived there and avoid detection, he decided to make himself at home, having a shave, helping himself to a change of clothes and even cooked himself a meal. It was his choice of meal that caused his undoing.

Leobardo decided to make some tortillas but the frying pan got too hot and a fire broke out, resulting in an emergency call to the Fire Brigade. He had to give himself up and now faces charges of burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle and other offences.

Mind you, his stupidity may have been topped by an unnamed Serbian man who robbed a petrol station in Bratislava at 4am. Showing remarkable presence of mind, a Czech lady distracted him by offering him a blowjob and detained him long enough to have his collar felt.

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