Turnip Of The Week

There’s nothing like seeing an ambition fulfilled so hats off to Canadian farmer, Damien Allard of Carlton-sur-Mer in Quebec.

When he grew a turnip weighing 15.4lb in 2016, some way short of the world record for the heaviest turnip, set in 2004, of 39lb. Undaunted, he set himself the challenge of topping it. It has taken him four years to achieve his ambition, but not a man to do things by halves, he grew three whoppers.

When he dug them up in November last year, he found that the first weighed in at 50.59lb, the second was a 53.79-pounder and the third topped the lot at 63.9lbs. Guinness World Records have just confirmed that all is kosher and that Damien is now the proud holder of the record for the world’s heaviest turnip.

Let’s hope he likes them.

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