Toilet Of The Week (29)

Here’s an intriguing question. If you were part of the liberating army which entered the Berghof, Hitler’s retreat in the Bavarian Alps, at the end of the Second World War and were told you could take anything you found there, what would you take?

Ragnvald C Borch, an American soldier, relieved the lair of a white wooden toilet seat, Adolf’s throne you might say, and had it shipped back to his New Jersey home where it was proudly displayed in his basement.

Borch sadly died and his son decided that the seat should be auctioned off. An unnamed bidder paid $18.750, according to Alexander Auctions, for it, securing for themselves an unusual memento of the Second World War.

One thought on “Toilet Of The Week (29)”

  1. Collectors huh! In 2015 I was lucky enough to be shown round the Queen’s House in the Tower of London, the private residence of the Governor. During WWII this house was intended to be the place where the captured Hitler was to be brought and incarcerated. Upstairs in a small nook (or maybe it was a cranny) was a toilet, installed specifically for the Fuhrer’s bottom.

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