Surgeon Of The Week

When you have a busy schedule, it is hard to find time for some of those annoying things that life sometimes throws up. Often the only answer is to multi-task.

Dr Scott Green, a plastic surgeon from California, was summoned to appear in court to answer a traffic charge. As is the way these days, the hearing was held by video conference. Dress standards for such events have gone out of the window but a court official was astonished to see Green appear reportedly from his operating theatre wearing surgical scrubs. More ominously, the beeping of medical machinery could be heard.

When asked whether he was available for the hearing as it seemed as though he was in an operating room, Green confirmed that he was in the middle of surgery but urged the court to proceed. The judge took a different view, concerned for the safety of the patient and although Green assured him that there was another surgeon in the room doing the surgery, he decided to postpone the trial.

To add to Green’s woes, the Medical Board of California are investigating on the grounds that Green did not exhibit the standard of care to his patients that was expected.

Sometimes, you just have to carve out some time from your schedule, it seems.

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