Penis Of The Week

If you are prone to penis envy, imagine what it would be like to have three. Diphallia, being born with two, is a relatively rare condition, occurring once in every five to six million live births and the supernumerary organ is usually removed early in the child’s life.

My go-to journal for matters medical, the ever-popular International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, reported the first ever documented case of triphallia. According to Dr Shakir Saleem Jamali, a Kurdish baby from the Iraqi city of Duhok was born with three penises. As only one could be called a true penis since the others did not possess urethrae, the other two were snipped off. The baby suffered no after-effects, although it may rue the loss of an ice breaker at parties in later life.

Back in 2015 there was a report of an Indian boy also with triphallia, although this was never verified in an academic journal.  

No explanation has been offered as to what caused this condition to occur, just the roll of the dice, perhaps.

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