Scaffolding Of The Week

I have not been to Brussels for some years, but when I was last there the world’s largest courthouse, the Palace of Justice, was covered in scaffolding. It has been so since 1984.

Plans to renovate the iconic building have been bogged down through that dread combination of red tape and bureaucratic incompetence. Anyway, the Gordian knots have finally been cut and in mid-March construction teams moved in to begin work on the restoration of the façade on Place Poelaert, including the entrance, the esplanade and the base of the palace’s dome, and the facades of the Rude de Minimes, Rue aux Laines, and Rue de Wynants.

There was, however, one teensy weensy problem. The scaffolding is so old that it is now outdated and needs its own renovation to the tune of €1.5 million to get it up to scratch. The work on the scaffolding will take around eighteen months to complete and then work can commence on the courthouse. The renovated scaffolding is likely to be in place until 2030.

Let’s hope the safety regulations don’t change in the meantime.

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