Sporting Event Of The Week (27)

You can gain a scintilla of hope on the horizon that the dark days of the lockdowns may be coming to an end, give or take the odd variant first observed in India, when the organisers of the World Toe Wrestling championships have steeled their nerve to announce their intention to hold their 2021 competition in August at Ashbourne Heights in Fenny Bentley, just outside the Derbyshire town of Ashbourne.

Toe wrestling takes place with the competitors sitting down and their toes interlinked. The World Toe Wrestling Federation are looking for competitors who want to dip their toes into their rather curious world. It is not for the fainthearted, though. Ben “Total Destruction” Woodroffe, who has had his toenails surgically removed to gain extra competitive edge, had his ankle snapped in two places by the sixteen-times champion, Alan “Nasty” Nash, during a practice session – a case of both living up to their monikers.

Toes firmly crossed that it goes ahead.

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