Device Of The Week (3)

One of the admittedly few blessings of the pandemic is that the pavements have, for the most part, been clear of those irritating smombies who are so intent at staring at their mobile devices when perambulating that they are oblivious to other pedestrians, oncoming traffic, and street furniture. I must admit I used to smile with some degree of satisfaction when I see them come a cropper but this source of amusement may soon become a thing of the past if South Korean industrial designer, Minwook Paeng, has his way.

His Third Eye takes the form of a translucent plastic case that is fixed directly to the wearer’s forehead with a thin gel pad. Within the case is a plastic eye, a small speaker, a gyroscopic sensor, and a sonar sensor. When the gyroscope detects that the user’s head is angled downwards, the eye’s plastic eyelid opens and the sonar monitors the area in front. If an obstacle is detected, the wearer is warned before it is too late via the connected speaker.

Thankfully, it seems that Minwook sees his device as a wake-up call to those who seem glued to their phones rather than a solution to their problems. Satire, though, is a dangerous form of humour as these days as many have lost their ability to think critically. Still, if people do adopt the Third Eye  and it doesn’t work, at least there is something between the user’s forehead and the obstacle they walk into.

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