Bridge Of The Week

The bridge at the junction of Gregson and Peabody streets in Durham in North Carolina is not known as the can opener bridge for nothing. It has a healthy appetite for the roofs of large lorries and many an unwary trucker keeps on feeding it.

Most bridges in North Carolina have a minimum clearance of fifteen feet but this bridge, built over a century ago and over which trains pass, has a clearance of just 11 feet 8 inches. So frequent were the accidents that the authorities in 2019 reluctantly raised the clearance by some 20 centimetres. Three weeks after the bridge was reopened, a lorry hit the beam and lost a piece of its roof in the process.

Jurgen Hen, whose office window affords him a front row view of the mayhem, has set up a website in which he posts footage of each accident. There have been 167 since he started filming and he doesn’t look likely to run out of incidents to record in the near future. Despite signage warning of the impending danger, it still seems to keep the unwary driver unawares.

Take a look by following the link:

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