Interview Of The Week

With life gradually returning to some semblance of normality, an easy option for a harassed editor is to send a journalist out to report on how people are adapting to their new found freedoms. In truth, the results can be rather tedious and unenlightening.

An enterprising editor of Denmark’s Radio 4 sent out a young journalist, Louise Fischer, to report on the reopening of a swingers’ club by the name of Swingland in Ishøj, just outside Copenhagen. Louise spent several hours in the club, chatting at the bar over a glass of wine and really got into the swing of it all.

Moving onto a large bed she proceeded to interview one of the guests while having sex with him, the interview punctuated by the odd moan. During the segment that was aired, Fischer asks the man “what are you seeing right now?” to which he replies a “gorgeous woman who has not tried being in a swinger club before”.

The interview was broadcast and has met with generally favourable reviews. Fischer’s take was that it was enjoyable, but not the best sex of her life, although the members did treat her like a goddess. Tina Kragelund, head of the station’s news, said that the station stood behind Fischer’s interview and that it was “cool when journalists try to make the stories in a different way”.

That one is going to be hard to beat.

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