Toilet Of The Week (30)

For many the act of sitting on a toilet is a source of comfort, refuge from the trials and tribulations of the day, an opportunity for a few moments of quiet and peaceful contemplation. Sadly, this was not the case for an unnamed 65-year-old man from the Austrian city of Graz.

As he was on the throne going about his business, he felt what he described as a “pinch in the area of the genitals”. Hopping off the seat, he peered down the bowl and, to his dismay, saw a five-foot-long reticulated python staring back at him on the search for low hanging fruit.

The snake, which belonged to one of the man’s neighbours, is thought to have navigated its way through the plumbing system from one flat to the other. It was fished out of the bowl by a herpetologist, given a wash and returned to its owner.

The victim, though, was not so lucky and received hospital treatment for what were described as “minor injuries”. The psychological scars may linger longer. What is worse, it could have put him off wurst for life.

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