Bender Of The Week (13)

Several states in India are what are known as dry, where the sale of alcohol is banned, partly out of religious considerations and partly as an attempt to resolve some of social issues that overindulgence can bring with it. Inevitably, though, such a sledgehammer approach opens up a lucrative black market for the unscrupulous to exploit.

Three farmers in Gujarat, one of the dry states, noticed that their buffaloes were behaving strangely, going off their food and frothing at the mouth. A vet was summoned who noticed that there was a strange smell emanating from the animals’ drinking trough. On closer inspection the water appeared yellow which the farmers claimed was a result of branches falling into the trough. Unsatisfied, the vet alerted the police.

When the police carried out a raid, they found bottles of vodka, whisky, and other spirits to the value of $430 hidden in the trough and under bales in the barn. Some of the bottles had been broken and the buffaloes had been drinking alcohol-tainted water. In other words, they were pissed!

The buffaloes have since recovered from their drunken ordeal, but the enterprising farmers are up before the beak.

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