Toilet Of The Week (31)

There is something deeply unsettling about the idea of a spy in the toilet, but it may just be the way forward in the fight to diagnose intestinal disease, especially amongst the maturer members of society.

Toi Labs, inevitably based in San Francisco, have designed a smart toilet seat which, they claim, can be fitted to a toilet in minutes. TrueLoo, four years in development, has been trialled in a number of the city’s nursing homes and is now commercially available.

It operates like a conventional toilet seat which the user sits on. However, while they are going about their business, it takes samples from all bowel movements and what they call urination sessions and analyses the output against several predetermined criteria, before sending the results to a designated user. They claim that it will improve upon detection rates of dehydration, viral infections and intestinal problems.

There is an override button at the side of the seat, which others can use to ensure that the purity of a particular user’s results is not compromised. There is no special maintenance required other than a rub down as you would a non-intelligent seat.

If it takes off, it will be another thing to look forward to in my dotage.

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