First Date Of The Week

A first date can be an unsettling experience, as Elyse Myers recalls. At least in my day, you had generally seen your intended date before plucking up the courage to ask them out. The modern way these days seems to be to rely on an app.

Elyse’s date suggested that they go out for dinner but meet at his place first. So far, so good. When she got there, he revealed he had lost his keys and that they would have to take a drive. At least, Elyse was driving, but her date directed her to the drive-through lane of a nearby Taco Bell restaurant. Not exactly a romantic night out.

Her first premonition that things might not turn out the way she had expected was when the man wound the window down and ordered a hundred hard-shell tacos. While the rather large meal was being prepared – it took about 15 minutes – he regaled her with stories of his ex-girlfriends, before revealing that he had forgotten his wallet and that she would have to pay the bill of $150.

When they got back to his place, the couple set about their meal in silence, later to be joined by the man’s father. It was at this point that the long-suffering Elyse decided that enough was enough and took the remainder of the tacos and ran.

As well as a good story, at least she got something from the night. I wonder if she still likes tacos.

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