Hallowe’en Decorations Of The Week

Steven Novak does not hold back when it comes to Hallowe’en. He turns his garden in Dallas, Texas, into what looks to be the set for a low budget horror movie. The decorations include a wheelbarrow full of limbs, several corpses, and more gore and blood than you could shake a witch’s broom at.

There is a corpse impaled on a spike, another whose head has been crushed in a safe, and a wood chipper that spews out blood into the air and across the lawn. It took him months to find the chipper and rig it out. On the kerbside for passers by to view, there are 55-gallon drums, filled up with the shredded body parts of guests, made from mannequins filled up with parts from skeletons and packed with insulation form. Even the front door has had a makeover. It is made up to look as though it has been broken down by an axe-wielding murderer.

I shall be intrigued to see how he tops that next year.

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