Art Critic Of The Week (4)

Modern art, especially so-called street art, can be bewildering at times to the viewer. The artist is looking to provoke a reaction, but American graffiti artist, John Andrew Perello, got more than he bargained for when his abstract piece which goes by the original name of “Untitled” was displayed at P/O/S/T, a gallery in Seoul’s Lotte Street Mall.

A strikingly colourful piece, it measures 22.9 feet by 7.8 feet. It is displayed complete with paint buckets and brushes lying beneath, an integral part of the artwork, according to the artist. A young couple on March 28th saw the paints as an invitation to collaborate and they cheerfully added a few strokes of their own, damaging a painting valued at $440,000.

The couple were caught on CCTV and were embarrassed by their mistake. No charges were pressed, and the vandalised or enhanced painting remained on display until the exhibition ended. The artist was initially upset, but after some reflection considered that the South Koreans additions to his painting showed how art connects with us all.

Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder.

To see more of his work, follow the link:

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