Christmas Crackers (9)

To get you into the festive mood, here are some jokes with a topical twist.

Why are people cutting back on Brussels sprouts this year? The cost of gas is too high

Why can Netflix afford calamari this year? They’re Squids in

Which vaccine did Father Christmas get? Mince Pfizer

Why did Rudolph’s nose have to self-isolate? It failed a lateral glow test

Which vaccine did the Three Wise Men have? The Wiser jab

Why does it take so long to play a game of Scrabble with Boris Johnson? He keeps going back on his word

Why will Keir Starmer be sad on Christmas morning? He will still have no presence

What pantomime are the government performing this year? Chris Whittington

How do you know the December heating bill is too high this year? We can’t even open the Advent calendar windows

Festive greetings to you all.

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