Burglar Of The Week (4)      

A suburb in the Christchurch area of New Zealand has suffered a mini crime wave over the last three years, all the work of one of the country’s most accomplished cat burglars, Keith.

The black moggy started its crime spree by stealing bras from clothes lines but soon branched out. So prolific a thief is Keith that its owners, the Rumbolds, have taken to storing the cats’ ill-gotten gains in plastic boxes outside their house so neighbours can retrieve their stuff.

Whilst it might have saved some embarrassment and a few awkward questions, the boxes have not shown Keith the errors of his ways. He simply steals the stuff again. One of his favourite hauls are a neighbour’s work boots. Despite putting 2.5-kilogram weights inside them, Keith has managed to haul them, one at a time, back to the Rumbold’s home. Perhaps putting them inside may help.

What has brought Keith’s peccadilloes to the attention to the authorities was his latest haul which included a bong, a bag containing unspecified white powder, and a pair of black lacy knickers. It seems unlikely, though, that he will be dissuaded from pursuing his life of crime.

After all, cats are a law unto themselves.

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