Game Of The Week

I am a bit out of touch with digital games, but Pokemon Go, a sort of augmented game played on mobiles involving people frantically searching the environs on the hunt for various Pokemon characters that they “just had to” collect.

In April 2017, two police officers. Lozano and Mitchell, from the Los Angeles Police Department were intently on the chase for Snorlax, when, rather inconveniently, a message came over their radio that there was a robbery happening at the local Macy’s store.

As the opportunity to snare a Snorlax does not come very often, they chose to continue their pursuit which was successful. They then had reports of a Togetic, which they pursued and captured. It was only then that they turned their attention to the robbery, which are, after all, ten a cent in Los Angeles.

Their employers took a dim view of their devotion to pursuing Pokemon characters rather than villains and after putting them on several disciplinary charges, eventually fired them, after their appeal failed.

So, they now have their cards, just not Pokemon ones.

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