Onion Of The Week (2)

Do you hate peeling onions? Are you fed up of an onion releasing synpropanethial-S-oxide, an irrititant which affects the glands in your eyes and makes them water? If so, the Sunion may just be what you are looking for.

After being developed over the last thirty years, the Sunion, available from Waitrose from this week, is described as a brown, tearless, and sweet onion. Unlike other onions where volatile compounds cause the tears to flow and produce that pungent smell, and get increasingly more volatile over time, those self-same compounds do the opposite in the Sunion, reducing to create a sweet, mild onion that gets sweeter and milder by the day.

The only tears to flow will be when you see the price. They retail at over three times the price of Waitrose’s essential onions, but you will save on tissues.

That’s shallot, you might say.

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