Sausage Of The Week

Millie, a Jack Russell belonging to Emma Oakes, had gone AWOL for a couple of days when reports were received that she had been spotted on mudflats at Farlington Marshes, near Portsmouth. The problem was that she was three hundred yards from safety, the mudflats were treacherous, and the tide was coming in, and she could not be reached by any other means. How were the rescuers going to lure her to safety?    

With sausages, of course.

A string of sausages was bought from a nearby supermarket, believed to be Aldi, cooked up by a woman in her sixties, and attached to a drone which flew over the mudflats. The aroma of the sausages was enough to lure Millie to higher ground.

There was a bit of a party atmosphere as local residents kept the rescue team, drawn from Hampshire Constabulary, the Solent Coastguard, kayakers, and volunteers from Denmead Drone Search and Rescue, were plied with food and drink. The operation was so successful that the rescuers are seriously considering using sausage-baited drones again if the occasion arises.

However, that was not the end of Millie’s adventures. Having sated herself on sausage and reached higher ground, she ran off into the woods nearby and then into an industrial area where she was rescued and finally reunited with her owner the following day.

At least she was not a Dachshund.

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