Crows Of The Week

Discarded cigarette butts are not only unsightly but are expensive to clear up. In Sweden they account for 62% of all street litter.

An enterprising company, Corvid Cleaning, think they have found a cost-effective to deal with the litter blight in a scheme they are trialling in the Swedish town of Södertälje, near Stockholm.

They are training a crack team of hooded crows to pick up the butts, for each one recovered they will receive a reward of some peanuts. The company’s founder, Christian Günther-Hanssen, claims that if the scheme is successful, it will reduce the cost of picking up butts by 75%.

Two thoughts: it is strange that we can teach crows to pick up butts but not discourage humans from discarding them in the first place and will it lead to the crows becoming nicotine addicts?

An interesting initiative, though. To see the crows in action, follow the link below:

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