Perfume Of The Week

Idaho, famed for its rich volcanic soil fed by mountain spring water, boasts that its spuds are the best in the world. Charged with promoting them, the Idaho Potato Commission has a range of goodies aimed at the potato lover including a holder for chips, Idaho potato playing cards, a miniature potato-hauling lorry and, the pièce de resistance, a 3-foot-tall Spuddy Buddy. No home is complete without one.

Now they have gone one better, capturing the irresistible smell of chips in a bottle. Made from distilled Idaho potatoes and essential oils, Frites by Idaho, dubbed as a “limited-edition fragrance” was released by the Commission ahead of Valentine’s Day. According to their website it sold out.

I just wonder what type of man would be attracted by the distinctive aroma of chips in all their salty, greasy splendour and whether the wearer would be ultimately disappointed. Perhaps it will just be an alternative to vinegar.

The creativity of desperate marketeers knows no bounds.

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