Tour Of The Week

Obsession comes in all forms and for Megan Topping from Middleton, near Manchester, there is nothing better than a Greggs sausage roll. She reckons that she spends around £300 a month on them, having eaten over 10,000 since she was introduced to them at the tender age of ten.

Having visited each and every one of the Greggs shops in Greater Manchester, she is on a mission to go where no one has ever gone, probably not even Roger Whiteside, the CEO of the company, to visit every one of its 2,078 stores. She has even bought a car to help her fulfil her ambition, naturally called the Greggsmobile. Megan is quoted as saying that her perfect date is a sit down in Greggs, just the two of them and a couple of sausage rolls, preferably at the Bury St Edmonds which, apparently, is the poshest branch of the lot.

Each to their own, I say, but do not tell her that it is reported only 18 per cent of the roll is made of pork.

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