Desperation Of The Week

To what lengths would you go to retrieve your mobile phone?

An unnamed woman dropped her mobile phone down a toilet, one of those chemical jobbies with a big septic tank, near the top of Mount Walker in the Olympic National Forest, northwest of Seattle. Rather than curse her bad luck, she decided to try to fish it out.

Showing remarkable ingenuity, she managed to remove the toilet seat and using dog leads attempted to snare the phone. This did not work so her next idea was to tie herself to the toilet with the dog leads and dangle down in a desperate attempt to grab hold of the phone. The leads gave way and the woman found herself at the bottom of the tank, unable to get out.

The good news was that she had managed to get hold of her phone and, surprisingly, it still worked. She then dialled 911 and members of the Brinnon Fire Department came along to rescue her. To do this they had to pass down some blocks on which she stood to get her out of the pool of human waste and then winched her out using a harness. After a wash down, the firemen recommended that she sought medical treatment, but she decided to go her own, fragrant way.

The moral of the story is never use your mobile near a toilet.

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