Porridge Of The Week (2)

If you are a porridge lover, here are two dates for your diary. October 10th is World Porridge Day while two days earlier the 29th World Porridge Making Championship makes a welcome return. While the hotly contested competition to secure the Golden Spurtle was held in 2020 and 2021 Covid restrictions forced it to be held virtually. Not this year, though, and so competitors, fans and onlookers will be able to see the fun for themselves at the Village Hall in Carrbridge.

First held in 1994 the title of World Porridge making Champion and the prestigious Golden Spurtle is awarded to the competitor producing the best traditional porridge, made from pinhead oatmeal. Each competitor is to produce at least 2 pints of the porridge, served in four bowls, and oatmeal must be untreated and only water and salt can be added. Consistency, colour, taste, and hygiene are the criteria upon which the entries will be judged.

There is also an award for the best specialty porridge, made from untreated pinhead oatmeal and any other ingredients the contestant chooses to use. The blending and harmony of the porridge with the other ingredients will be the key judging criterion.

A spurtle is a traditional Scottish utensil, dating from the 15th century, used to stir the mixture. Its rod-like shape means that the porridge can be stirred without congealing or forming lumps.

Let battle commence.


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