Martin Fone aka Frimleyblogger is a world-weary 65-year-old man who live happily with his wife in Frimley, Surrey and is now retired. He has a wide range of interests, from books, gin, the arts, history, music and all point in-between.

Windowthroughtime reflects his interests and what appeals to his quirky sense of humour.

The name Windowthroughtime has special associations for Martin, denoting a timeless perspective on all things.

Martin also writes books and contributes to Country Life Online. For more details of his work, visit his website by clicking the link below 



5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there Frimleyblogger,
    I hope this message finds you well and thank you for your informative blog! I hope more retired baby-boomers get on-line to blog – your knowledge and memories are precious!
    I am trying to find out about the history of the site that Lakeside Primary School was built on as-well as new housing in the 1970s. Can anyone shed light on this? Many thanks in advance! 🙂

  2. Dear Sir Fone, I read an interesting article titled “Curious Questions: Why are not there any measures for smell and taste?” However, I would like to comment that there is a measure for smell, and a very active market around this concept.
    without going further, I am working in this sector (smell measurement).
    I kindly wanted to post this comment. If you have question, please contact lveracsc@gmail.com.

    1. Hi
      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I did preface my remarks by saying at least in the vernacular but I trust that your work will generate a commonly accepted scale of values for smell and taste. It will be long overdue!

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