Feat Of The Week (3)

We have met Malaysian, Ashrita Furman, before in 2018, when he cut through 26 watermelons placed on his stomach with a machete in a minute.

He has just set another Guinness World Record in Karambunai, Sabath, by chopping through 50 watermelons with a machete inside 60 seconds. The fruits were placed on the head of his very trusting friend, Homagni Baptista.

Alas, I don’t know whether they are still friends or whether it was the same machete. I would love to know.

Find Of The Week (3)

Like your coffee with a bit of a kick? Want that sip of coffee to give you a high?

The Guardia di Finanza in Florence were put on alert when customs officers found a package addressed to Santino D’Antonio, the fictional mafia boss from the film John Wick: Chapter Two.

On opening it they found that the parcel contained around 500 coffee beans. Each bean had been hollowed out, stuffed with a total 4.5 ounces of cocaine, and made to look whole again.

A 50-year-old man who claimed the package at a tobacconist’s shop had his collar felt.

I will stick to an Espresso.

Bread Of The Week (2)

Bread is the staff of life, they say, but have you thought what is used to fertilise the wheat?

French self-styled eco-feminist, Louise Raguet, has taken to collecting women’s urine from a public toilet to use as a fertiliser for the wheat she then uses for her “Boucle d’Or”, Goldilocks bread. She dilutes it 20 times before spraying it on the crops. She claims it is packed with nutrients and doesn’t contain the chemicals and pollutants that normal fertilisers contain. And, she adds, it can be stored for up to three months before use as it is sterile.

What is wrong with men’s urine?

Gimmick Of The Week

Does life sometimes get too much? Do you just want to scream out loud to get rid of your frustration and let the world know just how you feel?

Well, now you can, courtesy of Visit Iceland, the island’s tourist board, who are offering a scream therapy service.

You can visit their specially created site, https://lookslikeyouneediceland.com/ and upload a recording of your scream, shriek or wail. You then select one of seven remote sites where you would like the recording to be aired. They are all beauty sites far from the beaten track, like the beautiful black sand beaches, the Snaefellsjokull glacier, or Skogarfoss waterfall.

You can even get to hear your scream bouncing around the landscape by tuning in to one of the specially erected speakers real time stream.

Makes me feel better already.

Alibi Of The Week

With less traffic on the roads, drivers are tempted to put their foot down. Rightly, though, the police are cracking down on speedsters. I’m sure they have heard every excuse in the book but “I’m trying to fend off a snake” is probably a new one.

In Queensland, a trucker was stopped driving in excess of 70 mph on a busy road. The police’s intervention was probably a relief to Jimmy as he was in a life and death struggle with an eastern brown snake, one of the deadliest in the world, which had tried to wrap itself around him as he drove. Using a knife and twisting his seat belt Jimmy held it at bay and managed to escape without being bitten.

The traffic officer soon realised that Jimmy’s tale was not a shaggy snake story and summoned medical assistance. He was OK and was let off a speeding fine.

It is not reported what happened to the snake.