Fifty Clever Bastards


Frimleyblogger aka Martin Fone has published his latest book, Fifty Clever Bastards, in which he shines the spotlight on 50 individuals who in their different ways made a major contribution to the way we live our life today.

The inventor’s lot is not always a happy one. When you are pushing at the barriers of human knowledge and technology, things can go disastrously wrong. If your invention doesn’t kill you – and in these pages you will find some whose demise was caused by their inventions – you may not profit from your endeavours either because somebody rips you off or you haven’t the financial resources to make it commercially available. Sometimes your invention is just so game-changing that out of a spirit of philanthropy you give it gratis for humanity to enjoy.

Each brief, slightly tongue-in-cheek pen picture concentrates as much on what happened after they hit upon their idea as what the idea was itself. After all, that is the more interesting part. Within these pages you will find aviators from the first millennium CE, pioneers of transportation from bicycles and submarines to aeroplane trains, inventors of the zip, light bulb and the match. You will find that many who took the acclamation for an invention, weren’t the ones who came up with the idea in the first place. Life can be cruel sometimes.

Martin Fone has always been fascinated by inventors and Fifty Clever Bastards is his paean to human ingenuity and a celebration of those who came unstuck in some way.

It is available from Amazon – isn’t everything these days? – in paperback format or in Kindle format

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